Megen Blackburn

September 21, 2018

Megen Blackburn is the file clerk at Couture Law.  She attended the University of New Mexico where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Journalism.  Prior to working at Couture Law, Megen assisted the federal police through the Department of Homeland Security.  Megen has 14 years of administrative assistant experience and enjoys assisting the team with staying organized.

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Marcus Martinez

July 14, 2016

Marcus Martinez is the Administrative Assistant at Couture Law. He attended Central New Mexico Community College where he studied Sociology before going on to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminology and Political Science from the University of New Mexico, School of Arts and Sciences. In addition to his education, Marcus offers 7 years’ customer service experience, including work with Lockheed Martin and Leidos through the Department of Homeland Security. Marcus is an effective communicator and he strives to assist each client with their needs. Marcus works directly with each of the attorneys and acts as the office’s main line of contact. If you would like to schedule a consultation or speak to your attorney, please call our office and he will be happy to assist you.

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